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In the city outskirts is everywhere, people dressed up tonight and its going to loop.
La douche tombait aujourd'hui.
Lumières ont commencé à brûler la ville.
Dans sa main, le vin smartphone et rouge,
Soirée commence d'habitude.
Il a commencé à parler des événements de la journée ont été écrites à l'avance par le SNS.

D.Coco's Music
soiree "Soiree"
The sequence and rhythm speak or whisper and touch to your beat.
Through the night, over the treetops of cedar trees,
Just the time the TV sound is turned off,
Our evening begins......

Soiree ...ソワレ,,,夜会にて
オルタネイティヴ・ダンスビート 炸裂
automaton "AutoMaton"
You'll get a human feeling wherever you're in a small room or on the corner.

You may want to clap, dance? and?
I promised the present of synth sounds album D.Coco.
I'm glad to reach for you Mp3「Automaton」.
Please enjoy it. And let me saying the one more please

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