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The tiny groove is the source of life
If you find the little groove in your mind, Listen to the voice of it*
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*We'd like to pass you some good feeling, relaxed, dancable
invite you to a journey around the fantastic world
give the stories on your mind through our sounds  and views

New World-yuka

New World 新世界~
yuka  Now On Sale!

5つの夢が奏でる「New World」!


Somebody puts thought for a sound somewhere today.
Sounds with the temperature fill the each person's space.
A finger-tip of Yuka plays the guitar. A voice of Yuka conveys thought.
I like serious honesty. She has it.

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Automaton_D.Coco AutoMaton~D.Coco

You'll get a human feeling ...
wherever you're in a small room or on the corner.

You may want to clap, dance? and?
Always with you_EUCO Always with you~EUCO

辿り着いたらそこは闇。そ の暗さに慣れた頃、あなたはそっと吐息をもらす。
壁 を照らしている淡い光、誰かの魂のような、ほの白い灯り、
明 けない夜のプロムナード。
Out Of Bamboo_EUCO Out Of Bamboo~EUCO

肌が海の底の砂に触れた時 の感触
無 防備なまま鳥の群れのように飛んで行く私たち、、、
物 語は海から始まる。
Slight Smile Of Time_Billie Valley A Slight Smile Of Time~Billie Valley

・・・ それぞれの思いが、「幸せ」の意味に向き合おうとする時。
Sun Seeds_aza Sun Seeds(太陽の種子)~aza

峠の雪道を越え、春はほん のり桜色、
夏 は森からの風にひんやり吹かれ、
秋 は紅葉の坂を転がって、azaは今日も、がんばるゾ!
1/f +azaで、大和(YAMATO)の空へGo!
Soiree_D.Coco Soiree~D.Coco

Soiree ...ソワレ,,,夜会に て... オルタネイティヴ・ダンスビート 炸裂
The sequence and rhythm speak or whisper and touch to your beat.Through the night, over the treetops of cedar trees,
Just the time the TV sound is turned off,,,,,Our evening begins.,,,Come on,,,.
SRAR_aza S.R.A.R~aza

It looks a long drive, but I can never get off. So, anyone never.
mayucal 流れる~Mayucal (まゆかる)


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